Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management builds and maintains connections between the organization and its stakeholders at a strategic and tactical level. Stakeholder management involves the identification, analysis, monitoring and continuous improvement of relationships with and between stakeholders.

Personal contribution

My strong sense and broad horizon of experience for cultural nuances and interpersonal communication leads me to see ever new challenges in people and organizations, to identify and promote potential. It is particularly important to me that the fun is not lost in the process. All stakeholders have to be picked up, finding holistic solutions in partnership and being prepared for future challenges. In the interest of the stakeholders, the networking of all solution approaches is closely linked to the everyday reality of business.


  • Identification and analysis of the company’s internal and external (inter-) national stakeholders

  • Requirements and expectations management

  • Conception and implementation of an intercultural communication concept including storyline and schedule for all stakeholders

  • Organization and coordination of stakeholder qualification and information activities including Steering Committee.

  • Strong communication, presentation and moderation skills

  • Selection and use of marketing tools and communication channels

  • Planning of future marketing and distribution channels

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