Project Management

In my projects over the past years I have developed into a generalist in agile and classic project management with profound methodological competence. I approach relevant topics in a focused and analytical manner, I stay on-track and do not lose sight of the goal, even in the depths of my expertise. I keep an eye on the big picture and think in context to get the most out of each project. Pragmatism keeps me calm even in difficult situations and allows me to perform at my best under stress and pressure. In my projects I proceed in a structured way and like to take the initiative with the goal of getting the system moving from the inside out. I enjoy combining my intercultural teams, which are spread all over the world, with contagious enthusiasm, giving impulses and leading.

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Change Management

I am passionate about looking behind the scenes, structuring situations and projects, putting topics in a meaningful order and developing measures that support change. I am known for my staying power, even when things don’t go as planned. I follow the red thread with clarity and am only satisfied when I can see results. I prefer to focus on empowering clients to make the most of their strengths and resources.

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Stakeholder Management

My strong sense and broad horizon of experience for cultural nuances and interpersonal communication leads me to see ever new challenges in people and organizations, to identify and promote potential. It is particularly important to me that the fun is not lost in the process. All stakeholders have to be picked up, finding holistic solutions in partnership and being prepared for future challenges. In the interest of the stakeholders, the networking of all solution approaches is closely linked to the everyday reality of business.

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